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the estrogen effect
February 21, 2008, 9:57 pm
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My membership in the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits could be in jeopardy.  What I find curious is this idea that women in this election must support a woman, otherwise they’re just being sillyheaded nitwits who follow the herd.   Is it possible I used my big woman brain and arrived at a different conclusion?  Why is support for Obama seen as some kind of female self-loathing?  I don’t get it.  I like Hillary Clinton but I didn’t vote for her.   Do I get to keep my estrogen?


help us ron paul
February 7, 2008, 4:34 pm
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I will not vote for Ron Paul but I must give him credit for being willing to say bluntly that our policy of intervention in the affairs of foreign countries does affect how those countries see us.  Ron Paul often cites our presence in middle eastern countries as a reason for some of the outrage by extremists.  This is likely true.  What is also true is that many average citizens of these nations are none too happy with American support of non-democratically elected governments.  These are sometimes referred to as moderate Arab states: Jordan and Egypt are two examples.  By most accounts, these countries are in line with American interests and in return America legitimizes their non-democratic rule.  This is not to say that the leadership of these moderate states are wicked, they are simply not democratically elected.  When the United States legitimizes these governments and does not ask them to hold democratic elections, it is seen as wide hypocrisy because they insist that other Arab states conduct themselves in certain way or face sanctions, rebukes, etc …  I don’t know if this explains extremists who plot and kill but it might explain a population’s silent acceptance.  John McCain does not appear to understand this.  I want to think he is marginally more thoughtful about issues of war and peace but when he speaks about Islamofacism as the transcendent battle of the 21st century and refuses to acknowledge that U.S. foreign policy might be related to its rise and venom, all I hear is George W. Bush saying “dead or alive.”  We can’t afford more foreign policy as pissing match.  We have to change the mindset.