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rush-in roulette
March 10, 2008, 2:48 pm
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Like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, apparently the Clintons and Rush Limbaugh are frenemies.  One of the great moments of Clinton hypocrisy comes in the first indent under Left Field:

Interestingly, the Clinton campaign has engaged in the most unusual tactic of embracing the right in order to wrestle from Obama a nomination that would seem to be his based upon math alone. One thing that seems to have escaped scrutiny up until now is that years after Rush Limbaugh called Bill Clinton’s daughter a dog, the former president was actually a guest on Limbaugh’s show.

Poor David Shuster.  Maybe he should have gone with a straight-up revolting remark instead of making a fair point using an ill-chosen word.  If Texas was the Clinton’s’ goal, then getting into bed with Rush was scarcely worth the short term thrill and that itching, oozing sore it leaves might be a real drag. 


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Hi Jessica – Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

I agree with you that David Shuster used an unfortunate word, while making a valid point about the role of Chelsea Clinton.

You noted also Rush Limbaugh’s offensive description of her. But John McCain some time ago also made a tasteless joke about Chelsea. Such remarks say far more about the people who make them, than about Chelsea.

It’s not Chelsea who they should be going after, but her mother.

Comment by Christopher

Agreed. And for those who didn’t know, or may have forgotten John McCain’s cruel joke, you can read it for yourself here:

Comment by Jessica

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