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June 18, 2008, 9:48 pm
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First opinion on this: Pawlenty makes McCain look really old.  Second opinion: Tiny Tim has always struck me as a tool.  Perhaps it was the hair.  Third opinion: our lieutenant governor is whatever is worse than a tool.  Fourth opinion: Timmy won’t help McCain in Minnesota.    


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PAWLENTY, good guy but borrrrring (no help to McCain)

PALIN, exciting/energy (great help to McCain AND GOP)

Comment by Ted

Shh — we don’t want the RNC to know Pawlenty won’t help him win Minnesota. 🙂

Comment by Pat

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Good point Pat. I’m hoping the RNC will be too busy trying to paint Obama as a super secret socialist to notice. I’m also hoping the national media will properly credit Saint Paul for playing host to the GOPers instead of those pinheads in Minneapolis. I tease my Minneapolian friends!

Comment by jessica

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