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three miles
July 21, 2008, 10:49 am
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For the first time in three months I ran a full three miles.  All in one day.  All in a row.


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time? time?

Comment by mrsjenj

A record-breaking 33 minutes and it felt good. I even had a little left at the end which is highly unusual for me. I’m pleased but won’t be too excited until I can run it that well again.

Comment by Jessica

What can I say? She rocks! And she wasn’t even hobbling around the rest of the day or anything. 🙂 I’d better be careful what I say – she’ll run me down in no time flat…

Comment by Kevin

hot damn! Congratulations!

I just did 2.75 miles in 32:38 this evening. Unlike you, I did not feel good in the end. Then to punish myself, I did thirty minutes of ab work, squats and perfect pushups. Ahh, the joys of weight-loss maintenance.

Comment by mrsjenj

Hope the next run feels better, my Kenyan friend 🙂

I can’t wait to get to the maintenance part of weight loss. I’ve been battling a plateau of sorts for almost three months–just can’t break through. I keep telling myself that I am gaining muscle but it’s still hard to watch that scale hover from week to week. Any tips?

Comment by jessica

Let’s chat over dinner at Buca’s on Thursday…

Comment by mrsjenj

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