side of fries

sister christian
September 1, 2008, 9:45 pm
Filed under: Politics

I can’t really say I called it, but a one-time commenter at side of fries had Palin in his sights two months ago.  He was dead right about the energy that would surround this pick.  

Some quick thoughts … She seems like a nice person and she adds some oomph with her energy and big hair.  She has that “regular Jane” sort of persona which appears genuine and I don’t doubt that she is quite capable in her current position.  A reliable conservative on social issues, her selection has pacified the religious right who have always been less than enthusiastic about McCain.  Not much to be said about her foreign policy positions because near as anyone can tell, she doesn’t have any.  She’s a blank slate and will likely say whatever they want her to say on those issues because she has no record (or opinion) of her own. She’s got some personal stuff going on … a pregnant 17-year-old daughter and an accusation that she used her position as governor to bully an employee to fire her ex brother-in-law.   And I thought my in-laws were tough.


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