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so much for Minnesota nice
October 17, 2008, 9:51 pm
Filed under: Politics

Try McCarthyism.  I’ve decided to give a small donation to Michelle Bachmann’s opponent Elwyn Tinklenberg (yes, his real name) here.  Got to push back against this kind of crap with words, money, whatever we’ve got.


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I live in MN and couldn’t afford to give funds Tinklenberg, but am glad that Bachmann’s negativity and craziness spurred you to act!

Comment by plopfizz

Me too — first time I’ve given money outside my jurisdiction. Meanwhile, I hope I get robocalls. I always just set the phone down and walk away instead of hanging up. If I hang up they can just get to the next call faster. 🙂

Comment by Pat

Donations over $100,000 now. Wow.

Comment by Pat

Wow is right. Very curious to see what Bachmann’s first statement will be after she has both feet removed from her mouth. Hard to shine that turd.

Comment by jessica

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