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I’m 112 posts old. Where’s the cake?
October 18, 2008, 10:30 pm
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A friend and fellow blogger celebrated her 100th post with a truly wonderful collection of randomness.  I’m going to celebrate 112 blog entries in a similar fashion.

1. I was born in Farmington, Minnesota
2. I went to Sunday School once
3. Then dropped out
4. I modeled once as a child
5. And cried the whole time
6. Went to a Barry Manilow concert when I was four
7. I cried when it was over
8. I cried a lot
9. Now I swear
10. And cry
11. But mostly swear
12. I never went to prom
13. Didn’t date much
14. Always thought I’d marry a democrat
15. At least he’s an independent now
16. I like that we’re different
17. He makes me try harder
18. He believes I can do anything
19. I think I’m lazy
20. It’s easier to hang back
21. Procrastination is not my middle name but probably should be
22. I’m not a good liar
23. I’m good at remembering people and what’s important to them
24. I think I’m funny
25. I am learning to act
26. And I’m not really good at it
27. I’m getting better
28. I cried at class last week
29. Something hit too close
30. That’s why I love literature
31. It can crack and clarify
32. I like being a mom
33. It didn’t come natural at first
34. And that really scared me
35. Now it defines me which is
36. Awesome and not
37. I miss teaching
38. Adolescents are my favorite age group
39. No, not crazy
40. My daughter is 13 months old
41. She is already a good dancer
42. She looks more like her dad
43. But acts like me
44. I think we’re in for it
45. She smiles a lot
46. When she laughs I can’t resist her
47. My mom says she cries like me
48. I see now how much I’m like my mom
49. Cool and yet freaky
50. My mom lives too far away
51. I miss her
52. My dad lives in a different far away place
53. I don’t always miss him as much
54. And that makes me feel sad
55. I have three grandmas
56. I only get good ideas late at night
57. I was eight before I could ride a bike without training wheels
58. I am an only child
59. My first goldfish were Xerxes and Fremont
60. I love my name
61. My first favorite NFL team was the Dallas Cowboys
62. I am a very picky eater
63. I held a cigarette once
64. Been really drunk twice
65. Won the jump rope championship in 5th grade
66. Threw a rock at someone in the 6th grade
67. Made a solemn pledge in 1987 to never get another perm
68. I’ve lost thirteen pounds in the last year
69. And gained three of it back in the last two weeks
70. I don’t have much of a style
71. I look nice when I try
72. That doesn’t happen as much as it should
73. I have really cute feet
74. But they stink–I hate that
75. I love art from the Harlem Renaissance
76. I once ate a whole can of Pringles in one sitting
77. I have five African violets
78. I am easily startled
79. I am a neatnik
80. I think baseball is boring
81. I don’t wear highs heels but should
82. I’m 5’4″
83. I recently took up running
84. I love my house
85. Got two degrees after attending five colleges
86. I’m indecisive about some things
87. Maybe I’m not
88. I love politics
89. I remember when having divorced parents was a really big deal
90. I once lip-synced and danced to “Material Girl”
91. I would like to write something
92. My favorite color is blue
93. I know more than I let on sometimes
94. Pearl Jam is still the best–especially live
95. I don’t know who I think I am
96. I believe love is verb, not a noun
97. I’m not romantic
98. I’m great at basic math
99. I have much to be thankful for
100. I’m tired


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Wow, so many places to go.

85: You’re overqualified for the GOP VP slot. One more college, one less degree should cover it.

15: Hard to believe Kevin was not a Democrat. 🙂

57: Don’t tell anyone, but our daughter just got her training wheels off about a month ago. And she’s 10. She also wants to 91.

I have 76’d … many times when I was younger and much larger.

And 44 — all parents are. 🙂

Comment by Pat

Thanks so much for sharing.
I didn’t know you were such a crier. You have been witness to me polishing down a can of pringles and then some in recent history. You are an awesome mom! I know, just from today, I can never, ever be a stay-at-home mom. I will always strive to be employed.

Comment by Jennifer

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