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February 12, 2009, 7:56 pm
Filed under: republicans

I thought elephants were supposed to be smart.  My bad.

Judd Gregg is not the biggest a-hole in Washington–in fact, I think he is a probably an okay guy.  I say this because he was willing to join this administration when many in the GOP are throwing flaming bags of dog poo at it.   But the stimulus bill all of sudden is a deal-breaker when that’s all anyone has talked about for months? Kind of like dating a priest and being mad he won’t leave God to marry you.  Oh, and it turns out Gregg wasn’t that against it anyway.  I suspect that he will come to regret his capitulation to the Rush Limbaugh dipshit crowd passing as the republican party.  They just pushed a voice for republican fiscal policy (with a President willing to listen) into the toilet and gave it a swirly.  I suppose Judd Gregg can expect to be shoved into his locker if he doesn’t fall in line .

PS: No more bitching about not having a say–you apparently don’t want one.


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