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March 23, 2009, 6:41 pm
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From the desk of Scotti at Powerline

Get a clue, man! The mullahs who rule Iran with an iron fist hate you and everything you represent. They hate you in part because they view you as an apostate. They hate you in part because you represent the United States. They hate you in part because you represent the American people. They don’t hate us because President Bush didn’t talk nice to them!

I wonder if, perhaps, the President was directing his message to the people of Iran–rather than the mullahs–to show  some measure of support to what is left of the pro-democratic movement in that nation.  Years of US/THEM and the like have pushed Iranian citizens to choose between Ahmadinejad and Bush or as I recall from childhood, sliding down a razor blade into a pool of vomit.  Still, it is easier to call someone stupid which is what I did here.

PS:  Not sure Willy Loman’s problem was wanting to be liked.  Maybe he was thinking of a character from Gossip Girls?


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I particularly liked this quote from his post:
“Obama and his fellow Democrats helped make them so by spreading pernicious falsehoods about their illegality and cruelty.”
It’s as if he hasn’t seen any of the Red Cross’s formerly secret report on what was going on in our CIA prisons…or maybe he thinks isn’t a real media outlet? Oh, wait, they’re the MSM, so they’ve been copted by the liberals…

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