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sixty minus one
January 21, 2010, 3:04 pm
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So Scott Brown’s win Tuesday night in a Massachusetts  special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat means democrats have lost their super-majority in the senate and health care reform’s future is uncertain.  If that isn’t annoying enough, we could be watching the democrats absolutely fold to the republicans–you know, the ones with no ideas to fix anything but maintain a laser-like focus on dragging their feet, saying no and being, in general, complete asshats.  House Democrats have the power to fix this.  They can pass the bill without changes meaning the sixty votes it got in the senate right after Christmas still stands.  The bill goes to Obama.  It gets signed.  And then they can start fighting about bank regulation and cap and trade.  Hooray.

Other thoughts here and here and here.

How to put pressure on congressional Democrats here.


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First, it’s nice to see that your so in favor of a bi-partisan political process (sarcasm noted please). No party should have the ability to pass a bill with zero support of the second, that is called a dictatorship, not a republic.

Second, the GOP does have solutions for healthcare ( but with a super majority the Democrats refused to listen and the media is bias.

Third, the Senate bill has no chance of passing the House because too many changes where made to buy votes that they lost the votes they bought in the House, wow it gets so hard to keep up with all the bribes.

Isn’t democracy great? if you answer no, move to Cuba or China and let me know what you think about it after a year there.

Comment by mcoville

Hey–welcome! Thanks for giving me some stuff to chew on.

Comment by jessica

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