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what I’ve been doing instead of blogging
February 10, 2011, 2:07 pm
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*originally written last JUNE, for crying out loud.  current status in parentheses.

or how I learned to love starting phrases with gerunds.

1.  Blowing my nose to drain the phlegm fountain. (nope)
2. Beautifying the backyard. (backyard is under many many inches of snow)
3. Attempting herb, pepper and tomato gardening. (dead)
4. Exercising almost every morning. (yes!)
5. Losing four pounds. Thank you exercise and mystery flu illness! (gaining, losing)
6. Decluttering my house. Still. (still)
7. Reading the same story over and over and over to my toddler. (yes)
8. Listening to ridiculous amounts of Oasis on YouTube. (plus others)
9. Awaiting Oasis window sticker for my automobile. (awaiting no more!)
10. Crying because Oasis broke up last August. (over it)
11. Waiting for Noel Gallagher to tour. (still)
12. Praying for the child to nap. (prayer didn’t help, headphones did)
13. Drying my clothes outside. (not when it’s 8 degrees)
14. Baking kick ass cookies. (yes!)
15. Watching bad Bravo teevee. (yes, but less, so, better?)
16. Listening to the husband complain about Facebook. (nope)
17. Blocking irritating/lame feeds on Facebook. (not yet)
18. Trying to be an adult. (do I have to?)
19. Imagining my wardrobe as something that doesn’t suck. (sadly, still)
20. Cutting my hair shorter and shorter. (even shorter now)
21. Considering a tattoo. (still)
22. Reading lots of news. (yes)
23. Becoming annoyed.  (always)
24. Itching to write. (in need of ointment)
25. Changing a habit.  Irritable. (still changing, irritability a matter of opinion)


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