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do this thing! livebloggin’, part four
May 5, 2011, 8:15 pm
Filed under: 2012 watch

8:47  Who wants to bomb Pakistan? Raise your hand.

8:50  Up next … union bashing!

8:54  Gary Johnson, “I’m pro-choice!”  Crickets.

8:58  Down with stem cells!  Down with science!

9:02  Yes, the GOP is the union busting party.

9:04  Creationism = evolution in science classes? Hahahaha.

9:06  What is your biggest liability?

9:09  Santorum on women’s issues.  Oy.

9:12  I agree with Ron Paul.  It’s not the law keeping me from doing heroin.  It’s the fear of becoming Charlie Sheen.

9:14  Gary Johnson, again, reasonable.


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