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let’s do this thing! livebloggin’, part three
May 5, 2011, 7:46 pm
Filed under: 2012 watch

8:29  Enjoying the FoxNews live chat comments.

8:30  We’re back with Brett Baier’s square head.

8:30  Debt limit!

8:31  Once again for the very slow Santorum, ACA saves money.

8:35  FairTax = fail.

8:36  Pawlenty took money from schools.  People here in MN hate him.

8:39  Gary Johnson is wrong about block grants but very likable.

8:40  Santorum: stop the political games!

8:42  Johnson is reasonable on immigration; gets no love from the audience

8:45  Oh noes!  Not the UN!  This is the oldest republican talking point ever!


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