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former FEMA screw-up crawls out from a hole to say something stupid
May 25, 2011, 1:30 pm
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I wonder what it could be?  Think Progress is on the case:

BROWN: In this situation, they’re almost tone-deaf. I mean, you stop and think about it, your press office should be recognizing that the visuals that Americans are seeing is of this devastation. Don’t put a visual of the president up playing ping-pong. It’s awful.

CAVUTO: So you don’t have a problem with the president being abroad with the Queen and the Irish prime minster just doing fun stuff?

BROWN: No, I do have a problem with that. It’s not like he’s at a G8 summit. This is not a diplomatic trip of any sort. This is just a — he went to Ireland for God’s sake to visit relatives! It’s time to come home…in this case, the perception is that the president is detached.He’s more concerned about raising a toast to the Queen.People have died.

Maybe I’m too busy planning my labor day weekend drive to Wisconsin for a Pearl Jam concert weekend to care about our President’s travels, but here’s how I see it: when you have people who know how to do their jobs (not mentioning any names Michael Brown but I am looking right into your face!), you can leave and do other things.  Notice that the complaint is not about how help is being administered, because help is actually being administered, but about how it looks from the perspective of people who either a) fucked it up pretty bad in New Orleans or b) excused the fuck up.

By the way, you can find out how to help the nice people in Joplin, Missouri here.


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