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I forgive you Tom Petty
June 28, 2011, 7:52 pm
Filed under: 2012 watch

It’s been about five years since I began my one-sided feud with Tom Petty.  It started when Mr. Petty and his Heartbreakers became “co-headliners” with Pearl Jam on their 2006 tour.  (Sidebar: co-headliners is concertspeak for, the band you want to see will precede the add-on band and then do a sub-60 minute set through which the TP fans will not show proper deference to Mike McCready’s awesome shreds and will act all bored and shit). Ahem.  Since that time, I have hated Tom Petty and his music with the exception of “Last Dance With Mary Jane” and “American Girl” … and now finally, forgiveness.  Apparently history-minor-leaguer Michele Bachmann has been using “American Girl” at her rallies and Tom Petty said hell to the no with doing that anymore.  Score one for the constitution of rock and roll.

Fun fact:  “American Girl” was the song playing in the girl’s car in Silence of the Lambs before she gets kidnapped by Buffalo Bill.


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